Identity & Roles

Master Nigel Henry is now known as:

  1. mystical thought leader, 
  2. The wise counsel to next generation of Great influencers,
  3. The founder of the high performance consulting firm  MasteryUnleashed
  4. The Chief Activator of the Change Angel Activation Movement.
  5. A Dan Lok Certified - "High Ticket Closer

Life Purpose

Master Nigel's Life purpose is ... "Activating and Unleashing the Greatness in People.

Vision Of Success

It is now 2030 and assuming that all conditions have worked out in his favor, Master Nigel's Vision of Success, (or Ideal Impact in the world), is that all people are now experiencing "Heaven Here On Earth".

Specifically this means that:

  1. The environment has been restored to its original pristine conditions.
  2. The word "Fear" has been eliminated form the planet and has been replaced by "TURBO".
  3. All people are now prosperously contributing their unique Gifts to the world.
  4. All people are now restored to operating with the "Flourishing" Mindset 


Master Nigel currently fulfills his Life Purpose, Vision, and Missions by building and leveraging the following business vehicles:

  1. Human Greatness Activation A consulting firm for developing and delivering the Mastery Performance Activation System for Organization Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, and Change Angels so that they can fulfill their intention with more speed, fun, grace, and ease.

  2. Change Angel Activation  - A Global movement that locates, assembles and activates the declared Change Angels who have answered their life calling for making massive beneficial difference on the planet... so that people can experience "Heaven Here On Earth".
  3. A marketing and branding company whose purpose is sharing the contributions and teachings of "Master Nigel".

Background Education & Experience

Master Nigel’s academic background includes a B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, and and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

Drawing on more than 30 years of combined out-of-the-box experiences in high performance coaching, business consulting, project management, and higher consciousness studies, Master Nigel has developed the Mastery Performance Acceleration System (MPAS), which he now uses to activate and unleash influencers from a range of industry sectors including Aerospace, Information Technology, Personal Development, financial services, education, churches, manufacturing, retail, government agencies, small businesses and public benefit organizations.

Books & Articles

Master Nigel has authored serval interactive BOOKS that are supplements to his teachings and his MPAS methodology including:                                           

    1. Unleashing Mastery Performance in Business
    2. The 7 Levels Of Mastery Performance - The Master’s Journey
    3. Leveraging The Gifts Of Negative Emotions
    4. TURBO - The phenomena previously known as FEAR.
    5. The Virus that causes Masters to experience blindness and amnesia.
    6. The Royal Protocol - Wise Counsel For Very Influential Leaders & Rulers.

Activational Speaking & Teaching Sessions

Master Nigel now delivers game changing high value activational content about the Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Emotional dimensions of "The High Performance Humans".

He offers his work through live interactive workshops, engaging activational keynote presentations, online training courses, group masterminds, and individual MPAS practice sessions.

In all the modes of interactions, the clients or audience, experience an immediate and  profound  shift in their level of awareness and personal performance.

Contacting Master Nigel

For more information about working with Master Nigel

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  3. please call: +1  (510) 282 2456 
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