Master Nigel Henry's - Activational Speaker Bio


Mater Nigel Henry is the founder and principle of Mastery Unleashed , a global consulting firm which is dedicated to "Activating & Unleashing the Greatness People"...

Core Philosophy

All people arrive on earth as  "The Master", already embodying all knowledges, and abilities that is possible to experience her on Earth. 

To the extent that people are aware and remember that they already  possess the attributes of their Creator, and they are engaged in "Mastery Performance Practice" then they will be activated to demonstrate increasing levels of Greatness.

Core Methodology

The Mastery Performance Activation System (MPAS) ... is a set of advanced tools, distinctions, and practices that allows Visionary Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Master Teachers, and Change Angels to:

  1. Operate at a consistently high level of performance ...
  2. Deliver massive $beneficial outcomes in a short period of time ...
  3. Activate  and unleash the greatness in their people and their organizations  ...
Speaking Topics

Leveraging The Negative Emotions

His Speaking Topics

His Impact

Drawing on more than 25 years combined experience in high performance coaching, management consulting, software engineering, electronics engineering, project management, and higher consciousness studies, he now activates and unleashes the influencers from a range of industry sectors including government, non-profits, financial services, education, information technology, manufacturing, and small businesses ...

His Offerings

Master Nigel now delivers his work through interactive  Activational Talks,  MPAS Individual & Group Sessions, and MPAS Online-Courses and  more  ...

For more information about working with Master Nigel please call (510) 282 2456  or visit