Unleashing Mastery Performance In Business


For many heart-centered entrepreneurs the original intent of starting a business was to contribute massive beneficial value to the world, and then to experience flourishing financial prosperity as a measurement of overall performance and effectiveness.

Yet repeated experiences and surveys of these small businesses suggests that roughly  80% are surviving and dying, 19% are striving, and only 1% are flourishing.

Expected Experience

In this exciting, highly informative, fun, and refreshing experience, Master Nigel will skillfully direct  me, (the audience member), in an interactive dialog and inquiry about the relationship between my identity, my thinking process, my business performance, and my $revenue patterns.

The net result, is that I will be super-activated, and empowered with the following types of outcomes:

    1. Mind blowing insights about my spiritual, mental, physical and emotional realms.
    2. Exciting new discoveries about my mastery performance level and my capacity to positively impact my team, my clients, my community, and the world.
    3. Energizing appreciation of my ability, to easily deliver massive value, and create wealth through my business, just by leveraging the power of my thoughts and my voice.
    4. Sobering awareness of the types of thinking and practices that causes me and my business to  de-generate to the striving, surviving and dying states.
    5. Delightful mastery performance practices that I can now use to immediately restore and sustain the Flourishing states in my business and personal life.