Unleashing Mastery Performance In Organizations


After more than 20 years coaching and consulting with small business owners and leaders of large organizations, Nigel Henry has discovered that the majority of working people , (about 80%), including leaders, managers and staff, are performing at the Normal - Surviving level, about 19% are performing at the Great - Thriving level, and only about 1% (usually the top executives), are performing at the WOW - Flourishing level.

Session Format

Using some very advanced Mastery Performance Activation distinctions and practices, Nigel  has found graceful ways to activate individuals and groups of leaders to quickly shift their levels of awareness and their mindsets, in such a way that that can choose to constantly practice operating at the Flourishing Performance Level.

Expected Experience

In this highly interactive Focus Session, Nigel will engage the audience in some very deep, unconventional, insightful thinking practices that will cause them to experience amazing “aha” moments about their own mindsets and performance levels. They will start to see, and teach each other, some natural advanced ways that they can cause themselves and their teams to constantly perform at the Flourishing level both at work and in their personal lives.

As a result of this focus session experience, attendees will leave with new and knowledge and awareness and access to advanced Mastery Performance Activation tools, distinctions, and practices that will now allow them to:

  1. Easily convert issues, challenges, problems, concerns, and disputes into inspiring  “Great-Intentions”.
  2. Attract powerful people and necessary resources to fulfill  these “Great-intentions with more speed fun grace and ease
  3. Create trusting, effective, collaborative teams and “Cultures of Greatness” in their organizations
  4. Cause themselves, colleagues, staff, and customers to experience the “WOW”.