A-Team - Description


The Company

Mastery Unleashed is a unique consulting company that Activates and Unleashes the greatness in influential High Performance Thought Leaders and Entrepreneurs, (i.e. Change Angels) who are committed to making massive, significant changes in the world.

Master Nigel Henry is the CEO, and CAO (Chief Activation Officer), so he is typically very busy and engaged in multiple, complex, and concurrent projects.

Master Nigel is now committed to scaling the company's operations, by building and leveraging the power of a high performance A-team.


The A-Team:  (Angel, Royals, and Masters)

As the "Super Angel" I am responsible for handling administrative tasks that would free up Master Nigel's time, so that he can remain focused on the most critical high leveraged tasks.

As the Super Angel,  I know that I am already a super trust worthy, smart, efficient, caring, responsible, high precision, creative, high energy, high performance, A-Player ...

As the Super Angel,  I know that I am the primary contact for Master Nigel and MasteryUnleashed so I am committed to enforcing and maintaining the highest Core-Values and standards.


Roles & Responsibilities

My "Super Angel" responsibilities may include, arranging, coordinating, or assisting in:

  • A-Team Member Recruiting
  • High Ticket Sales Closing
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Market Research
  • Client support
  • Calendar Scheduling
  • Product Development
  • System Administration
  • Accounting and Book Keeping
  • Books and program creation.
  • Global Travel
  • ... and more

Location, Time, and Money

I can negotiate my location, time, and compensation during my interview.