A-Team Master Closers

Jackie Lieu ("Sincerity")

As a Sincere Professional ...

  1. I act with sincerity, compassion, honesty and integrity.
  2. I take a fully collaborative approach to listen and put the needs and wants of each prospect first.
  3. I take the time and patience required to qualify the prospect by helping and guiding them make an informed decision that’ll change their life for the better.
  4. Each of my call is personalized and highly customized to ensure that you feel like I’m well trusted in order to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome for everyone involved.

Andre Rogers ("MLK") 

With me, you are guaranteed to experience the following high performance outcomes:...

  1. Exponential Life changing personal and business growth.
  2. Clearing the distortions and distractions to solve the important hidden problems.
  3. Generous help in producing beneficial and profitable results.

Mok Wei Jun ("OO7") 

While I am serving, you are being activated to start experiencing the following:...

  1. High levels of integrity, responsiveness, consistency, confidence, and reliability.
  2. The unleashing of your own commitment to being the very best version of yourself.
  3. Having multiple significant life changing breakthroughs during your mastery-journey.