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I am invited to be willing to:

  1. Set a strong intention to inspire many other "Great Ones" like me, to practice with Master Nigel.
  2. Use the Scale of Mastery to measure the various aspects of my program...
  3. Identify the aspects of my program that worked well for me, and communicate why...
  4. Identify the aspects of my program that fell below my standards, ( less than 4.7), and communicate  why...

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Program Engagement Aspect

How great was the advertising, introduction, registration, pricing, payment process, preparation, start-up, etc ?

Program Fcilitator

How great was the facilitator's teaching skills, listening skills, empathy, program knowledge, patients, riger, follow up, etc ?

Program Structue & Content

How great was the program curriculum, delivery, pacing, relevance etc ?

Program Logistics

How great was the progrm time, equipment, tools, location, delivery tools etc

Program Impact

To what extent if any has this program added value to, or changed my life?