MPAS - Level-4 Group Practice Session - Entry

Level-4 Session Description

I am now ready to start using my voice, my ideas, my presence, my skills, and my calling, to make a massive beneficial difference in the world.

In this program, I will be consistently engaged in the following rigorous mastery practices:

  • Enhancing my ability to hear, trust, and obey my internal guidance.
  • Shifting my mindset from, the "dying", "surviving", and "striving" to the "flourishing" state.
  • Conditioning my physical body so that I can operate with very high energy and deliver super high mastery performance.
  • Converting my fears, limiting thoughts, and my negative emotions, into lucrative big picture visions, missions, vehicles and projects.
  • Taking consistent courageous actions so that I overcome avoidance and procrastination on my most important business and personal intentions.
  • Speaking with power and precision so that my intentions are converted into lucrative reality with speed, fun, grace, and ease.
  • Preparing myself to enter the "Level -7 Master Teacher Group Practice".