Schedule A Moment With Nigel

Fantastic, Magical, or Miraculous

To experience a moment with Master Nigel, I am being invited to:

  1. Make a note of the ideal outcomes or experiences that I would love to have in my moment with him.
  2. Use my intuition to select the ideal type of moment, (Fantastic, Magical, or Miraculous), that I would love to co-create in my conversation with Master Nigel.
  3. Determine multiple ways that I can generate a high $Value from the experience in my session with Master Nigel.
  4. As best I can, create a session agenda, and prepare myself to co-create the ideal outcomes and the type of experience that I desire in my heart.
  5. Notify Master Nigel at least 24hr in advance, (by text) , when I am requesting to cancel or reschedule my moment with him.
  6. I am invited to call Master Nigel (on: +1 510 282 2456 or via other messaging system), at the precise moment that I have agreed on my scheduled.