Planning Session Preparation Form

Guidelines & Recommendations

To ensure that I leave my session(s) with maximum value and more than my desired outcomes, I am invited to prepare as follows:

  1. Determine to what extent I am aligned with Master Nigel's top 4 Core Values ....
  2. Review the Big Picture Diagram to bring my intended visions, missions, and projects project to my mind ...
  3. Review the Mindset / Performance Diagram to identify my current mindset and Mastery Performance level...
  4. List and prioritize my desired outcomes from my session(s).
  5. List and prioritize the impact that my outcome will have in my world.
  6. Using the Money Distinction, consider the monetary value of my desired outcomes.
  7. Select and communicate my level of willingness to invest $money in my session(s).
  8. Address any questions, or change request, by clicking here.

My Session Preparation Information

My Contact Information


My Top 4 Core Values

My Desired Outcomes From My Session(s)

The Importance Of My Outcomes To Me

Possible Barriers to The Success of My Session(s)

My Willingness to Invest $Money in My Session(s)