Master Nigel Henry is a thought leader,  the founder and principle of MasteryUnleashed, a business and personal performance acceleration firm. He delivers paradigm shifting coaching tools and practices to visionary Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Change Agents, and Change Angels,  so that their organizations can unleash more profitable, and sustainable quantum results with fun, speed, grace, and ease.

Drawing on more than 25 years combined experience in high performance coaching, business consulting, project management, and higher consciousness studies, Master Nigel developed the Mastery Performance Acceleration Methodology, which he now uses to coach and advise leaders from a range of industry sectors including financial services, education, churches, manufacturing, retail, government agencies, small businesses and public benefit organizations.

Master Nigel now delivers his work through books,  live interactive workshops, engaging activational keynote talks, online training courses, group masterminds, and individual mastery practice sessions.