Special Offer

4 - Group Sessions  & 2 - Individual Sessions

Offer Expire on:  9/29/2016

Is This Offer For Me?

This offer is for me since: ...

  1. I am feeling a strong urge to take my $game to a much higher level.
  2. I am hungry to deliver more $value to more people at a much faster rate
  3. I am committed to $lucratively perform with greater speed, fun, grace, and ease.
  4. I am ready to experience an immediate, exponential $boost in both my business and my personal performance.
  5. I am getting even more organized and efficient in my life .
  6. I am committed to starting or completing the important projects that I have been avoiding.
  7. I intend to stay super focussed and productive during of the upcoming holiday season.
  8. I love associating with other extraordinary "Great Ones" like me.
  9. I am committed to catching up on my goals and finishing my 2016 ahead of schedule.
  10. I am committed to having a powerful and exciting start to my 2017.

The Value I Will Receive...

This offer consists of the following:

  1. Four (4) - Foundation Group Practice Session - ($1000 value)
  2. Two (2) - Customised Individual Performance Session - ($600 value)
  3. Access to Online Mastery Performance Tool Box - ($300 value )
  4. Access to the "Virus Infected Word Awareness Basic Program" - ($150 value)
  5. Limited access to "Mastery Distinctions Subscription Program - ($150 values)

More than $2,200.oo value ...

Special Offer Price $397
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