MPAS - Testimonials from some of the next "GreatOnes" ...

Change Angel - Harold H. Campbell, PhD.

One of the most important resources to my professional development is my association with Master Nigel Henry.  He has proven to be a dynamic advisor and confidant, capable of assisting me with my thinking and planning with pragmatic matters while valuing the fact of my existential needs.

Our relationship has assisted me in accelerating many of my plans while constantly presenting me the challenge of perceiving and acting on all that I am. I met Master Nigel while I was employed as a senior administrator at the University of California, Berkeley.  I value our professional relationship as one of the highlights of my career, and I appreciate that it has grown into a mutual friendship

Change Angel - Harold H. Campbell, PhD. University Of California Berkeley - McNair Scholars Program
Change Angel - Dr Carole Murphy

Angel Carole Murphy Master Nigel’s help is always valuable and appreciated.  I think his ideas are great and I love that he has so many practical solutions for creating calm in the turmoil that I can create with so many big changes going on.


Change Angel - Dr Carole Murphy Founder - Purse For The People
Next Great One - Genessys Villalba  - Founder / CEO

Practicing through the Mastery Performance levels created by my mentor Master Nigel Henry has truly opened up my vision of what I’m here to do and how I possess all that I need to carry it through. The only thing I was missing was true guidance and structure. Someone that cares so much for my growth and development, enough to push my mission into reality. I’ve experienced true transformation of my self identity, my speech, how I view money and evaluate my relationship with everything and everyone involved in my life. I am greatly grateful to share such important time period in my life with someone so valuable as Master Nigel.

Next Great One - Genessys Villalba - Founder / CEO Genevie LLC
 Mystic - Brian​ O'Connor

As I work with Master Nigel, I hold such gratitude for both his curriculum and personality.  Master Nigel’s work has the power to completely transform my existence on this Earth. And when he combines his word with such an open, loving heart, the miracles that lie within me are naturally brought to life.

Mystic - Brian​ O'Connor Founder - Beacon Enterprise
 Change Angel  - Loes Lindsay

Master Nigel and I met in September of 2014. I felt the immediate Spiritual connection that I feel at times when I know I am in the presence of another soul who is here on Earth with a strong feeling of purpose. The initial conversation started out with only mere moments of small talk. When there is this level of recognition, I get right to the meat of the conversation – my ideas and visions were shared immediately and with passion!

I told Master Nigel that I had just before created an updated version of my vision board and as it turned out, my whole life has been upgrading ever since.

He spoke of Angels and other groups of the Spiritual Realm and even when my ego was denying that name for the essence of me outward, I did recognize that I am indeed a part of the All, the Universal Spirit, that Energy and Essence that has so many different names here on Earth.

I now have come to the realization that being clear about the essence of me increases the energy to that part of me and I am grateful for the increased awareness.

Knowing and interacting with Nigel has been an incredible blessing in my life. There are so many “little things” I notice on a daily basis. Awareness of the energy behind the words that I use for instance and how I can modify my whole life in personal, vocational, spiritual and emotional ways. How I am able to control what happens by taking full responsibility for all of it…

The concepts we teach each other about are so far beyond anything else I have studied because I was a student before and when I interact as a teacher I learn so much more! Insights build upon insights and understanding and awareness of how life works grows exponentially each time we speak.

When you are ready to really look at life, set course to your own personal density and come up with ways to build YOUR vision, you have come to the perfect place to do so.

Nigel has the tools, the experience, the passion and the understanding to bring out the best in me and I know that he brings out the essence of each person he works with in a very tailored, personal yet very professional way.

It is really amazing to see how things have just been falling into place, how connections are made just at the perfect time and place and how beautifully life is really orchestrated.

Change Angel - Loes Lindsay Founder - Barefoot Indigo