Who else will I choose to be ?



Up until now, as “A Normal Person”, I have often chosen to habitually use situations and circumstances as reasonable excuses for breaking my agreements, creating failures, operating with low integrity, and generally being a ‘Victim” in my life.

Now, as “The Master / Change Angel” I choose to use conditions and circumstances to allow me to keep my agreements under all conditions, and thus, experience myself as a victor and conqueror in my life.


Given these choices, some of the questions I choose to frequently ask myself include:

1. Who did my “Maker” intend for me to be?
2. Who do I choose to be in this now moment?
3. Who else am I allowing to influence my choices?
4. Who else is impacted by my choice of being?
5. Who else do I choose to attract in my life?
6. Who else do I choose to keep me in my “Mastery Practices”?


Choosing To Make Changes

I can choose to escape from “the trap of normality” , and choose to return to my original “Flourishing State Of Mastery”,  by consciously and willfully choosing to invest my $time, $energy, and $currency, in Advanced Mastery Practices that can assist me to accelerate the manifestation of my experience of  “Heaven here on Earth”.